Nice to see you here

Sabine Noyen Agenturen is a fashion agent that selects special luxury and sustainable brands for their beautiful quality and ability to stand out on the market while they support each other in a complete concept.

One Stop Shop

A blend of stylish and sustainable brands that allows for a one stop shop experience for customers with similar collections

Sabine Noyen

Born into the Dutch Noyen Shoe Dynasty, she now applies her life-time fashion experience to help drive fashion brands and shops to the next level of success

A passion for fashion

We are open, honest and trustworthy. We exist to help build strong business partnerships

We are a Fashion Agent

Our company, Sabine Noyen Agenturen, works strategically with our selected brands. The main focus is to drive sales and support your business in the best way, providing you with B2B systems to help manage your stock to ensure maximum efficiency.

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