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A-VIEW is a Danish express and online-friendly fashion brand based in Aarhus. We make clothes for women based on the idea and attitude that all women should have the opportunity to go trendy dressed. That is why we also work on the basis of an ambition to always have an updated “view” of what is trending and moving in the fashion industry, and it is precisely these trends and tendencies that we let ourselves be inspired by in our designs.

A-VIEW was founded in 2019 by owner Jakob Bording Andersen, who has more than 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. The name A-VIEW comes from the idea and ambition to always have an overview and an insight into what is moving right now. Therefore, we also perceive ourselves as constantly relevant and current for all women who want to go trendy dressed.


The brand Dea Kudibal was founded in 2003 with a collection of exclusive scarves and shawls made from vintage fabrics. Spring 2008 saw the launch of the first Dea Kudibal clothing line with feminine prints, playful colors and flattering silhouettes as the brands DNA. As the brand developed, the stretch silk quality has become a signature style for Dea Kudibal. This is now an essential part of every collection.

A fascination for the ethnic culture has always been a part of the brands identity. The look is sophisticated, luxurious and feminine but still with eye-catching details. The collections give you the opportunity to create your Dea Kudibal look weather it is feminine, edgy or casual.

Each season new unique and exclusive prints are designed with love in Copenhagen. From developing the artwork and perfecting the colors, to making the final touches, every single print plays a part in the telling of a poetic tale.


Les Tricots d’O is a fashion house based in Antwerp, Belgium specialised in unique handmade colourful knitwear made entirely from natural materials. Their goal is to produce exceptional pieces that stand the test of time and make you stand out from the crowd. From their in-house design and the choice of yarns right through manufacturing to the finished article they take care to ensure the highest quality.

Les Tricots d’O articles are all hand-knitted exclusively by women who, for one reason or another, would not normally have access to the job market. Through this work, they are earning a living, establishing friendships, becoming part of a community, learning different skills and attaining a sense of freedom and autonomy that was previously not available to them.

When you buy an item from Les Tricots d’O, apart from buying a sustainable and unique fashion item, you are furthering the empowerment of women to take control of their lives on their own terms.


MOLIIN was founded in 2013 by Lotte Moliin. Educated as Designer on the leading Danish design school, Designskolen Kolding. As designer with great experience in the fashion industry it was the right time to establish her own brand.

A desire to create a feminine collection combined with a raw and cool expression. Always inspired by the lifestyle of the city the collection dress the modern women who seek a contemporary style. The graphic design plays an important role as well as the casual and sporty approach in style. Each garment is rich in detail and has a personal touch.

The MOLIIN consumer is young in mind and looking for alternative to the mainstream. Through the collection made in high quality materials the focus is kept to treat each garment in the right way. With an eye on the ever-changing fashion scene is kept as well as the style MOLIIN is always recognisable.


The collections are designed to offer a perfectly tailored fit while making the woman feel self-confident, sassy, and feminine. The designs are expressions of their own style and lifelong love affair with high fashion, and with that, they try to capture and personalise contemporary urban lifestyle in their collections.

Inspired by a desire to create beautifully crafted clothes,  Pieszak, aim to meld classic tailoring with an edgy yet elegant metropolitan aesthetic. For the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.T

It’s time to dress with attitude.