Sabine Noyen – Get that New York feeling in Europe

Sabine Noyen awaits you

As a budding fashion agent, Sabine Noyen once got the chance to participate in a speed-date event in Copenhagen, for clothing labels and agents. She fell in love with Danish fashion and signed her first contract there.

She comes from a real entrepreneurial family, Sabine Noyen learned the sales trade in her father’s exclusive shoe store. Ten years ago, Sabine thought it was time to start for herself. “It was in the middle of the crisis and I gave up a well-paid, nice job for it, but it was what I really wanted.


Sabine didn’t have money for a showroom. An extensive network of relationships, which she had built up in the years before. From an experienced fashion agent, who gave her a stepping stone, she got a ticket to a speed-date event where major Scandinavian brands presented themselves. “I found it very exciting, as a beginner in the profession. Nevertheless, I managed to win two brands, including the exclusive Dea Kudibal.”

Sabine now represents five brands, 4 from Copenhagen. “That’s a conscious choice, because I love their beautiful, clean styling and quality. In addition, they have a lot of knowledge of materials and sustainability and are reliable partners. We have a great cooperation with the Danes, they are in many ways similar to dutch.” The brands complement each other and form a good mix of styles, fabrics, qualities and prices. Dea Kudibal is a high-end silk brand. Pieszak (trousers) and Moliin (dresses, skirts and blouses) are also more luxurious brands, while the more trendy A-View is more of an entry-level brand. Les Tricot d’O is our latest brand from Belgium offering unique handmade colourful knitwear

Good energy from Sabine Noyen

Sabine has been working with stylist Nicole Meijer for about five years. “We actually do everything together, so cozy,” they say. This year they moved the company from the Fashion House in Amsterdam – too small and too expensive – to BulbSpaces. “The space is so large, we can receive multiple customers at once,” says Nicole. “This building has a good energy, customers really feel at ease here.” The fact that there are more fashion agents in the same building is a plus. “We strengthen each other, i’ll let them add more,” sabine says.


Sabine Noyen Agenturen’s Copenhagen brands are based in about ninety luxury boutiques in the Netherlands. Nearby you can find them at Joe & Brown, Faaf and Cogolain in Heemstede, Ligne S and Trend Receipt in Haarlem and Hop & Co in Santpoort-Noord.

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